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Sep 23, 2021


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

IMCD presents Powering Tomorrow: new insights for the Lubricants & Energy landscape, and the trends that are shaping it

IMCD, the leading global speciality chemicals and ingredients distributor, has released Powering Tomorrow, a new trends commentary for the Lubricants & Energy sector that is the sixth in a series of commentaries exploring the markets in which IMCD operates.

IMCD Lubricants & Energy specialises in several different industries. We offer base oils and additive components and packages for both the industrial and automotive sectors. We also support oil, gas, and renewable energy markets with our wide range of upstream additive components and specialty products for refineries and chemical plants.


“Sustainability” has become a watchword for every industry, but nowhere is the concept more prominently discussed than in the world of fuel, energy, and lubricants. Increasing regulatory targets are bringing both opportunities and challenges to our industry sectors. In this report we consider the impacts experienced in the transport, industrial and energy markets.


Tomorrow’s Energy

Interest in alternative fuels is rising and liquid biofuels have a major role to play. We describe three generations of biofuel innovation and the role of biofuels as a component in standard fuels or even as sole fuel. We consider the solutions needed to ensure excellent performance while protecting the vehicle’s fuel system and engine.


Production capacity of biogas is increasing and will contribute significantly to the amount of renewable energy in the energy mix. In the report we look at solutions to effectively remove impurities from the gas stream to ensure a consistent, reliable purity specification, needed for injection into the natural gas grid.


Tomorrow’s Automotive Fluids

What will a future low emission transport system look like? We ask two of our technical managers for their perspectives on trends in automotive lubrication They describe the move to automotive lubricants with fuel economy and emission reduction properties and the impact of e-mobility and the resulting need for new fluids.


Tomorrow’s Industrial Fluids

Our experts consider the dynamic regulatory landscape impacting the world of Metal Working Fluids and why modern MWF manufacturers are so much more that formulators – they are fluid management experts. We also consider the rise of bio-lubricants and the impact on key end use sectors such as marine, construction and forestry.


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