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IMCD presents Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Industry: Insights into the global changes impacting the pharmaceutical sector, and the key trends that are shaping it

IMCD, a global leader in the distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients, has released Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Industry, a new trends commentary that is the seventh in a series of commentaries exploring the markets in which IMCD operates.

Over the past year, IMCD has shared insights on some of the most prevalent topics and challenges within the food & nutrition, beauty & personal care, home care and I&I, coatings & construction, advanced materials, and lubricants & energy sectors. In this latest edition, IMCD’s pharmaceuticals experts consider how shifting social, cultural, and healthcare priorities are influencing what patients are looking for and discuss four key trends that they have identified to be shaping the field of pharmaceuticals.  

Patient-friendly dosage forms

It's critical to think about what makes a delivery system suitable for a patient to ensure compliance and therapeutic benefit. In an increasingly health-conscious world, it’s important to adapt to meet the needs of every demographic. In this report, IMCD’s experts discuss the new ways in which patient needs can be met, with dosage forms and beyond.

Pre-emptive healthy living

With the pandemic changing our perspectives on medicine, immunisation, and wellbeing, it's no surprise that a greater emphasis is being placed on proactive personal health. Whilst there is a clear distinction between pharma and nutra within the industry, it is also important to consider the synergies between the two categories. IMCD’s nutraceutical experts explore the changing attitudes toward health, formulating challenges, and some of the substantial work being done in nutraceutical supplements to suit the demands of consumers.


Sustainable solutions

The topic of sustainability is one of the most relevant across every industry around the world. For API manufacturing, the environmental burden presents a challenge, as its entire business revolves around the production of medicines that help save lives. One of the key obstacles to overcome is recycling solvents, which is seldom a simple task. This is where IMCD has the in-depth scientific expertise and understanding to help facilitate incremental change. One of our technical experts discusses this topic, as well as the biggest challenges when adopting a sustainable approach.


Pharma for the future

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct influence on biopharmaceutical science, or "Biopharma", in the last year. For example, the industry has invested in the research and refinement of vaccinations and monoclonal antibodies as solutions. More importantly, there has been a major area of innovation through biotechnology to help develop bespoke methods of treatment. In this section, IMCD provides an insight on the future of biopharma and the most exciting developments in the space.


IMCD Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to create opportunities that advance ideas for a healthy future. We recognise the importance of collaborating with our partners to identify and analyse trends, to evolve and progress the pharmaceutical industry. We support our customers at every step of the product development process, driving Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Industry by offering meaningful 360 solutions.

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