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May 04, 2021


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

IMCD presents Tomorrow’s Beauty: new insights on the future of beauty, from the technical experts leading the way

IMCD, the leading global speciality chemicals and ingredients distributor, has released Tomorrow’s Beauty, a new trends commentary for the personal care industry that is the third in a series of commentaries exploring the markets in which IMCD operates.

IMCD Personal Care actively explores today’s consumers shifting behaviours to uncover global trend drivers that are shaping the future of the global beauty industry.
Supported by the latest market data, Tomorrow’s Beauty commentary is intended to be an inspirational guide. It features a series of sit-down interviews with technical and business experts from IMCD Personal Care, who share relevant insights on megatrends such as making a positive impact, the quest for transparency, inclusivity, and entertaining experiences. The expert viewpoints reveal how each of the four trends are evolving in response to the latest ideas and innovations:

Making a positive impact 
Consumers are redefining value through the lens of the impact their purchases have on the world.


More individuals are choosing brands that demonstrate a commitment to societal values that align with their own as they are looking to make changes today that lead to a better future. Consumers are keen to understand how cosmetic manufacturers plan to take a more sustainable and conscious approach in the long term.

Celebrating individuality 
Today’s consumers want to be considered and respected for what makes them different, which is also what makes them special, and is therefore worth celebrating. When it comes to cosmetics and personal care, beauty shoppers expect brands to demonstrate inclusivity towards a product offering that perfectly meet their aspirations and needs, while respecting their individuality.

In transparency we trust
Growing health concerns have led consumers to demand more transparency from brands and easy access to information so they can make informed choices as they shop. Equally important is for the products they choose to demonstrate value through effectiveness and that they are safe to use.

Experience comes alive
Millennials are preferring life experiences over the simple act of buying goods. The role that stimulation and entertainment play in decision-making is therefore crucial. No longer should “the experiential” be reduced as another marketing tool; instead, consumers are experiencing powerful emotional connections to brands that are creating a point of differentiation in this regard.

As Irene Cantos, Business Group Director, IMCD Personal Care explains, “With this commentary, we want to share our view on the current key market drivers that, according to our experts, will continue to impact the Beauty industry in 2021 and beyond. We are happy to share this knowledge, along with some of the Formulation/product concepts developed in our network of dedicated Personal Care laboratories, to continue inspiring our business partners with innovative products that align the consumer’s macro-trends with the regional and local needs. Together, we shape the beauty of tomorrow. »

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