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Jun 30, 2021


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

IMCD presents Tomorrow’s Cleaner Living: new insights on the Home Care and I&I landscape, and the trends that are shaping it

IMCD, the leading global speciality chemicals and ingredients distributor, has released Tomorrow’s Cleaner Living, a new trends commentary for the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional (HI&I) industry that is the fourth in a series of commentaries exploring the markets in which IMCD operates.

IMCD Home Care and I&I has been exploring the latest industry trends and consumer behaviours to share an insightful and detailed guide with the marketplace. Featuring expert interviews with business and technical contributors from IMCD Home Care and I&I, who will provide analysis of key trends such as ethics driving product development, the quest for ultimate efficiency, travel-friendly disinfection, and cleaning for fun! 
The viewpoints provide insights into four key trends and reveals how IMCD is responding to the latest ideas and innovations: 

Sustaining a change
During a time of global health threats, rising social activism and a raging climate crisis, consumer demand has never been clearer. Now is the moment for every brand to stand up for what it believes in and provide products that align with end-users’ core values. Manufacturers need to be conscious of the environmental impact of their products at every stage of the process from ingredient sourcing to product packaging. 

Efficiency is everything
As lives get busier, the pressure is on to achieve as much as we can in as little time as possible. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. With the reopening of more public places following lengthy periods in lockdown, intensive cleaning needs to be efficient and reliable. However, how does the industry balance efficiency which cannot come at the expense of sustainability?


Home from Home
Good hygiene is now a social responsibility and an essential part of public interaction. Self-sanitising allows people to take matters into their own hands, without having to put their faith in the standards of others. As consumers are excited to start travelling again, demand is growing for travel-friendly disinfectant and sterlisation products. 

Cleaning for Wellbeing
Good hygiene at home, at work or at the shops has become essential for a feeling of trust and safety. Consumers are also cleaning more deeply and paying extra attention to areas which we may have once overlooked. Clean and orderly homes and workspaces have become essential for a sense of wellbeing and taking breaks to clean have become effective ways to break up the day and get away from home-offices. 

Paul Hanbury, Business Group Director, IMCD Home Care and I&I comments “We have created this commentary to share our perspective on the key themes that are driving our markets in 2021 and beyond. Our experts have analysed behaviours of consumers across the globe, particularly in-light of the unprecedented focus that cleanliness and sanitisation has had during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this report we are sharing our experiences and knowledge that we hope will inspire our business partners to produce products that can respond to the increasingly sophisticated and socially conscious shopper, while ensuring the highest levels of efficacy.”

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