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Mar 02, 2018


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

IMCD to nominate Management Board and Supervisory Board members for (re)appointment

IMCD N.V. announces that Piet van der Slikke (CEO) and Hans Kooijmans (CFO) are nominated for re-appointment as member of the Management Board for another term of four years. Their re-appointment will be put before shareholders at the next Annual General Meeting of IMCD N.V. to be held on 9 May 2018.

Piet van der Slikke has been leading IMCD's management as of 1995, joined by Hans Kooijmans in 1996. Following IMCD's IPO in 2014, both were appointed as member of the Management Board for a term of four years, which expires at end of the AGM in 2018. Under their management IMCD has successfully grown to become a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of speciality chemicals and food ingredients.

In addition, the Supervisory Board of IMCD N.V. nominated Mr Michel Plantevin and Mr Arjan Kaaks for re-appointment as members of the Supervisory Board at the next AGM in 2018. Their contribution continues to be of great value to IMCD.

Michel Plantevin was first appointed in 2011 and reappointed in 2014. He currently serves as chairman of the Supervisory Board and member of the Remuneration Committee. The Supervisory Board now nominates him to be appointed for a third term of one year.

Mr Kaaks was first appointed in 2015 to fill the vacancy that arose following the decease of Mr Floris Waller. He was appointed for the remaining term of office until 2018 and is now nominated to be appointed for a second term of four years. Arjan Kaaks currently serves as vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board and chairman of the Audit Committee.

Mr Jean-Charles Pauze informed the Supervisory Board that due to personal reasons he will not seek re-appointment after expiration of his term of office this year. IMCD is very grateful for his contribution and dedication to IMCD over the past four years. The Supervisory Board nominates Mr Stephan Nanninga to fill the vacancy in the Supervisory Board arising from Jean-Charles Pauze's resignation.

Mr Stephan Nanninga (1957) has the Dutch nationality and holds a law degree from Erasmus University of Rotterdam and a MBA from Delft University, the Netherlands. Having held various positions at Royal Dutch Shell, Technische Unie (part of Sonepar) and CRH, Mr Nanninga joined the executive board of SHV Holdings NV in 2007 where he served as Chief Executive from 2014 to 2016. As of 2017, he is executive director on the board of Dutch Star Companies One NV and serves as non-executive director at Bunzl Plc.

Further details are included in the documentation for the Annual General Meeting, published on IMCD's website ( ultimately on 28 March 2018.

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