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Nov 24, 2011


ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands


FMC appoints IMCD as a sole pharmaceutical excipients distributor in China

FMC BioPolymer announces strategic partnership with IMCD Group for the marketing and distribution of their cellulosic and hydrocolloid excipient range in China. This reinforces a long history of successful cooperation between the two companies in Europe and South Africa.

Part of FMC Corporation, FMC BioPolymer has supplied essential raw materials (excipients) to the global pharmaceutical industry for over forty years. FMC BioPolymer's brands, including Avicel, Acdisol, Aquacoat, Gelcarin, Viscarin & Protanal, have enabled the industry to overcome some of its supply chain, formulation, and processing challenges. Excipients are a necessity in the pharmaceutical industry acting as the carrier for active ingredients in 

Eugen Rothermel, IMCD’s Managing Director China stated: “We are thrilled about this extended partnership with FMC as it broadens our presence in the Asian Pacific market. It brings us a strategic extension of our product offering on this continent and opens up new growth possibilities for both partners. FMC’s excipient range and future pipeline is designed towards meeting the needs of modern & developing tableting technology. We will provide 
necessary market coverage and flexible logistical solutions, while FMC can focus on product innovation and development.” 

Jerry Whelan, FMC’s Global Sales Director Pharmaceuticals echoed these sentiments: "IMCD have established a dedicated pharmaceutical sales team in China, replicating the long established and successful model in Europe. FMC views China as a rapidly evolving region that increasingly focuses on R & D in the pharmaceutical industry. We are confident that IMCD will promote and position FMC's excipients to meet the commercial and technical objectives of our customers in China."

IMCD has been active in China for 15 years now and currently covers the following market sectors: coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals, personal care, food and nutrition.