IMCD Czech Republic

IMCD South East Europe with its subsidiary IMCD Czech Republic s.r.o. provides access for small and medium sized local producers to vital raw materials by distributing specialty chemicals from world A class producers. 
About IMCD Czech Republic

Our experts located in Prague are offering individual solutions for the Life Science and Coatings & Plastics industry.

As part of IMCD, IMCD SEE also benefits from an international network, sharing best practices, relevant market knowledge and technical product and application expertise in order to maximise all business potential. 
Value through expertise
This alongside its flexible logistics, robust IT system and dedicated HSEQ infrastructure ensures that IMCD SEE will guarantee to generate value through expertise.

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Johann Milchram

Managing Director

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IMCD Czech Republic s.r.o.
Bělohorská 260/39
169 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 233 311736
Fax:  +420 233 324538


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