A new Centre of Excellence for Personal Care in Thailand

IMCD opens a new Personal Care Application Laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand.
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IMCD Personal Care launches the Application Laboratory to better support the Asia Pacific region. 

The new lab facility aims to develop formulations and marketing concepts, trial materials, conduct trainings and organise supplier and customer workshops. Our sales teams and product managers work closely with our technical teams to ensure we have the specialised know-how, products, and market experience to support our partners.
Technical training of IMCD employees 

Workshops and training sessions are held within the facility for the IMCD employees, ensuring that they stay abreast of market trends and developments and fully understand the functionality and characteristics of the products within the portfolio. This enables them to better understand issues that customers may face.

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New product analysis and development to provide formulation advice to customers 

IMCD works in close collaboration with customers’ research and development departments, carrying out competitive matching, sharing new application opportunities and assisting them in formulating the most effective and innovative products.

Customer seminars to promote new market trends and products from within the IMCD portfolio 
We organise workshops and seminars for our customers, either to introduce a new product to them, investigate a new trend in the market or to look into material alternatives for their production processes. Customers are given access to the PC Application Lab to enable them to test product performance, run stability and application tests and experience the finished product with the support of IMCD’s scientists and technical managers.
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Supplier workshops to support product and application development 
Within the Application Lab, suppliers are able to gain an understanding as to how their products interact and function (in combination with other products from within the IMCD portfolio) as part of a finished formulation. With this understanding and market trend awareness, we are able to assist the supplier to develop new product concepts for the future.

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