Market segments

IMCD’s in-depth expertise and foresight is available across all major food segments. Each individual segment has its own specialist team, and each specialist has the expert knowledge that allows them to question conventions and search for improvements. This approach ensures we deliver optimum focus and create real competitive advantage for our partners.

IMCD offers detailed insight and innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Fine Bakery, Bread, Blends & Improvers, Milling & Flour, Breakfast Cereals

Soups & Bouillons, Sauces & Dressings, Ready Meals, Spice Blends, Snacks, Noodles & Pasta, Meat & Poultry, Fish

Cheese & Cheese Analogues, Fermented Products & Yoghurt, Butter & Cream, Dairy Drinks & Milk, Ice Cream & Frozen Novelties, Desserts & Puddings, Milk Powders & Whiteners 

Chocolate, Sugar Confectionery, Liquorice Gums & Jellies, Hard & Soft Caramels, Chewing Gum

Infant Formula & Baby Food, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Dietary Supplements, Clinical Nutrition

Beer, Wine, Spirits & Liquors, Powder Drinks, Fruit Juices, Nectars, Syrups, Carbonated Drinks

Animal Nutrition
Pet food, Feed