General Meeting of Shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) will be held on 8 May 2019. Extraordinary Meetings of Shareholders (“EGM”) shall be held as often as the Management Board or the Supervisory Board deems desirable. Notice of general meetings shall be given no later than 42 days before the day of the meeting through publication of a notice on the website of IMCD. Shareholders representing, either solely or jointly with other shareholders, at least 3% of the issued share capital of IMCD, may request the company to put an item on the agenda provided that the company has received the request no later than on the sixtieth day prior to the day of the general meeting.

More detailed information on the organisation of the AGM / EGM can be found in the IMCD’s Articles of Association.


Annual General Meeting 2020
​The Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM) of IMCD N.V. will be held on 7 May 2020 at the Mainport by Inntel hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The convocation and/or all further documentation pertaining to the AGM 2020 are available below. Draft minutes of the AGM will be made available at this website within three months of the date of the AGM.

Update – impact due to coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak 

To mitigate potential health risks, IMCD has decided to limit social gatherings surrounding its 2020 AGM by cancelling the usual post-meeting lunch. The members of the Supervisory Board and Management Board present during the meeting will  unfortunately not be available for social interaction other than during the AGM itself. Given the measures imposed by the Dutch government, it has been decided that only a limited number of members of the Supervisory Board will physically attend. Taking international restrictions and negative travel advices into account, it is foreseen that the two new candidates nominated for appointment to the Supervisory Board, Mrs Valerie Diele-Braun and Mrs Amy Hebert, will also not be able to attend.

It remains uncertain how the coronavirus outbreak will develop and how local and/or governmental responses thereto may further impact IMCD’s 2020 AGM. IMCD monitors the situation closely and may (be required to) take additional precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of all participants to the meeting. Shareholders who prefer not to attend the meeting will be able (as usual) to exercise their voting rights by electronic voting instruction or written proxy  in accordance with the procedures included in the convocation.

Shareholders are advised to regularly check this section of IMCD’s website for further updates until the date of the AGM.

Previous General Meetings
The documentation pertaining to previous general meetings is available at the tabs below.

Previous General Meetings