Used as synthetic base oils to formulate engine oils and industrial oils. 

Polyisobutenes (low, medium and high molecular weight)
Used as tackifier and thickener in all industrials oils, greases and automotive lubricants. 

Silicone derivates
Silicone oils used as base oils and lubricity agent to formulate industrial oils and greases, fumed silicas used as thickener agent in greases, silicone antifoams. 

Used as biodegradable base oils and lubricity agent for all biodegradable lubricants. 

Polyalkylene glycol
Used as synthetic base oils for industrial lubricants, quenching oils and water based metal working fluids.

Used to protect water based metal working formulations and fuel.

Automotive packages
Used to formulate all types of automotive lubricants. 

Low color low odor sulfurised esters
Used as extreme pressure in all lubricants. 

C21 diacid tall oil derivate 
Used as biodegradable anticorrosion additive and co emulsifier for the metal working fluids.

C10 synthetic monoacid 
Used as anticorrosion additive for the metal working fluids

C18 methyl ester made from castor oil
Used as biodegradable base oil and lubricity agent for all oils. 

C7 and C11 acids made from castor oil 
Used as biodegradable anticorrosion additives for the metal working fluids. 


(anionic, cationic, non ionic, amphoteric) to formulate water based metal working fluids