Technical expertise

Through their extensive customer contacts, our Product Managers will help you identify development opportunities in the market. Our testing capabilities and comprehensive product portfolio are instrumental in helping you solve problems and bring your solutions to market. We have access to a large number of additives and synthetic base fluids and, together with our partners, we can help you create custom-made products to solve your individual problems and offer a wide range of tests to evaluate recommended formulations. Below are some of the main testing areas the IMCD Lubricant teams can help you with:

  • Rust and corrosion tests
  • Oxidation tests
  • Other performance tests
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear tests

IMCD Lubricants offers a high level of technical service to its partners. And, although the division does not own a laboratory, lab work is often carried out free of charge at one of our principals’ laboratories. Our successful partnerships with both customers and suppliers is a result of a number of factors:

  • Identification of applications
  • Assigning required tests
  • Investigating competitive products and cost requirements
  • Determining volume potential, function of the product and its end application
  • Establishing the problem with the present product
  • Identifying special requirements and considering regulatory requirements