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Sep 01, 2021


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

IMCD leads as first food ingredients distributor and formulator to offer customers chef-led concept development

IMCD recently added three culinary chefs to its Food and Nutrition team, marking IMCD as the first distributor and formulator to establish this type of position.

IMCD continues to invest in its technical expertise and expand its capabilities by offering culinary-led insights, recipe development and creative inspiration to its customers in the food manufacturing industry through its Food and Nutrition business group.

Colin Wheeler-James has been appointed as European Development Chef across eight European territories. Miro Musil, Technical Application Specialist, and Nuno Almeida, Technical Application Chef, have joined IMCD to work with North American customers based in Canada and the United States.

Building off IMCD’s established technical expertise in partnership with its application specialists, the chefs will apply their culinary knowhow to interpret food trends and evolving customer needs and translate them into usable concepts and taste-focused products for IMCD customers. They will work directly with selected food manufacturers while also providing insights to the company’s full customer base through video content, promotional packages, one-to-one meetings, and other knowledge-sharing actions.

IMCD recognizes that some customers feel more confident working with a chef specialist who can guide them through market trends and consumer insights, especially in the area of savoury-convenient meals. Additionally, some IMCD customers are chefs themselves. Fostering chef-to-chef communication with a common culinary vocabulary and experience generates confidence that cements long-term partnerships.

“We’ve approached this new offering as we do every area of our business: as a solution for our customers and an elevation of our established relationship,” said Marc van Gerwen, Business Group Director at IMCD Food & Nutrition. “Our customers look to us as a partner of choice because of our technical expertise. Adding a culinary dimension is a significant enhancement of that knowledge.”

In combining its technical expertise with culinary creativity, IMCD aims to provide a new level of knowledge and resources, offering a full range of services as a main food ingredients supplier and saving its customers time with efficient, complete solutions.


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