IMCD article in Nutraceuticals Now: IMCD presents six brand new formulations at FiE 2015

The food and drinks industry is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing sectors in terms of jobs and value added. With this leading position comes the challenge of being able to react to diverse consumer preferences, the knock-on effects of the global economic, cultural and local influences, social media pressures, religious requirements and complex regulatory and legislative compliance. For today’s food manufacturer to be successful they must be able to adapt their recipes and innovate to meet the growing needs of the consumer. The evolving priorities of consumers, plus the advancements in processing technology and functional formulations, means product development in 2016 will be an exciting but highly challenging place to be. As seaweed and floral flavours are hitting the headlines, we have identified some major trends and developed solutions for those trends that we feel will be major influencers on 2016 product development at many food production facilities.

Snacks – Across Europe, conventional home dining is becoming less common as healthy ‘on-the-go’ snacking is taking its place. From convenient solutions replacing traditional breakfasts to pouches and packaging that allow
fast access to tasty and nutritious lunches and dinners. 

Convenience - Fuelled by celebrity chefs, the trend is moving towards gourmet cooking at home without the hassle. Products that make it more convenient to cook like a chef and gourmet ready meals are quickly gaining popularity.

Texture – This is a hugely important element in food design and will receive a lot more attention in the coming months and years. Novel, innovative, rich, chewy and crunchy textures will all feature in new product development ideas in the future. 

Good fats and good carbs – Consumers are realising that not all sources are equal and there is a trend towards healthier fats and less processed / naturally occurring sugars. Naturally occurring sugars have a consumer preference above added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Protein – Protein-rich products are on the increase and whilst this is nothing new, an array of different protein sources are now available and are being highlighted on the packaging. Algae and insect protein are two of the more novel protein sources that are making their way on to supermarket shelves alongside whey, pea, milk and soya. Below, IMCD has offered some solutions to fit with these trends and consumer demands.

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