IMCD Bakery Insight Day in Spain

On June 13th, the IMCD Spanish Food team organised a Bakery Insight Day. This was the second technical seminar held by the team but this time it was dedicated to customers from Spain and Portugal producing all types of bakery products: biscuits, cakes, fillings, etc.

Seventeen customers, our major suppliers and the local IMCD Food experts gathered altogether in the Food Campus of the University of Barcelona during this informative and practical day to find innovative solutions for an increasingly demanding market.

The day started with a short introduction to IMCD and a presentation on the market trends by Innova. The audience was then divided to into groups to rotate around three workshops:

Workshop 1: flavour solutions for sugar reduction, vanilla replacement and bake stability.

Workshop 2: advantages of using a specific product from one of our key suppliers in bakery products and its emulsifying and foaming properties, followed by a clear and concise overview of other functional ingredients from our portfolio.

Workshop 3: comparing two products from one of our key suppliers and our proposals for bake-stable fruit and cream fillings.

During these workshops the participants could not only learn from our expertise but could also try out our ingredients and taste some delicious prototypes. The IMCD Spanish Food team was pleased to receive several compliments on the excellent organisation of the day, the great location and on having the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what we offer and the products in our portfolio!