IMCD Food & Nutrition: Delivering Technical Innovation

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands (25 November, 2013) - IMCD Food & Nutrition was delighted to participate in the FiE exhibition in Frankfurt last week, utilising the opportunity to present a new and delicious Belgian praline developed by our own European technical team.

As the result of IMCD’s initiative to create an innovative product using ingredients sourced from various principal partners, this confectionary treat contains an aerated, allergen-free praline filling that has never been seen before. The rationale behind choosing praline in particular, was in response to IMCD’s effort to offer a product that was universally appealing and commercially marketable across as many cultures possible. Both booth visitors and trade media showed 
considerable interest in this project.

Following the formulation of the new praline filling in the IMCD Technical Centre, our team of experts worked in partnership with a Belgian praline manufacturer, using their facility to complete the product with high-quality chocolate. During this stage, IMCD’s flavour specialist Martien Segers directed her efforts specifically towards selecting the optimum taste for the final praline, presenting a product that was not only totally new to the market and showcased our exemplary technical offering, but delivered a premium flavour too.

IMCD firmly believes that comprehensive application expertise is vital to bringing together the latest ingredient technologies developed by our partners as complementary solutions that fit the local market needs. The value of this approach was especially demonstrated with the Belgian praline development. IMCD’s technical team proved that through continuous collaboration with our suppliers, universities, and institutes, we can gain both an in-depth understanding of their ingredients and a valuable insight into current market demands to help us formulate the most effective combinations. In the case of this particular example, IMCD was even able to provide our customers’ R&D departments with a reliable, innovative recipe. 

Michel Faes, Technical Manager IMCD Food & Nutrition, commented: “This product is the result of major ingredient innovation together with a passion for recipe development, 
application understanding and knowledge of the latest market trends. Attracting the attention of patissier chefs, product developers and marketers, IMCD will continue to demonstrate the 
added-value it can bring to its partners.”