IMCD Group: full exercise of over-allotment option

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - IMCD Group (“IMCD” or “Company”), a leading international speciality chemicals-focused distributor, announces today that, following its Initial Public Offering (the “IPO” or the “Offering”), the option to sell an additional 15% of the total number of shares offered in the IPO (the “Over-allotment Option”) has been exercised in full.

Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch as stabilising manager, and on behalf of the joint bookrunners, has exercised the Over-allotment Option that was granted by Bain Capital in respect of 3,300,000 shares (the "Over-allotment Shares") in the Company, representing 15% of the Offering size. The Over-allotment Shares were sold at the offer price of €21.00 per share.
Following the exercise of the Over-allotment Option, the Offering comprises 25,300,000 shares, representing 50.6% of the total issued ordinary share capital of IMCD and leading to a total IPO size of €531.3 million.