IMCD Lubricants adds new equipment to its laboratory

In November 2015, IMCD launched its first laboratory for the Lubricants Business Group, fully furnished with brand-new equipment that mainly focused on physico-chemical, grease and metal working fluids testing. Since its opening, IMCD Lubricants has been committed to developing the lab in a way that best suits the needs of the market, bringing in new equipment and test methods over time to fulfil the needs of our customer and supplier partners.

With this in mind, IMCD Lubricants recently installed an Anton Paar RapidOxy. This instrument now makes it possible to carry out oxidation tests on both oils and greases with a quick turnaround time. The lab has also developed some in-house procedures to evaluate product stability vs. time (storage stability) and vs. temperature (volatility, deposit formation), as well as to perform corrosion tests on common metals found in the industry.

By continuously assessing what new equipment can be added to our lab based on the requirements and demands of the market, we are constantly developing our lab capabilities and expanding into new applications. With this approach, we ensure that IMCD Lubricants remains a first-in-class partner for both our customers and suppliers.

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