Solvay appoints IMCD as its EMEA distributor for lubrication grades of Fomblin® PFPE

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands (31 March, 2016) – IMCD N.V announces that effective April 1st 2016, it will become the Solvay Specialty Polymers’ distribution partner for the lubrication grades of Fomblin® PFPE on an EMEA basis.

Fomblin® PFPE are fluorinated lubricants best used in aggressive chemical and high heat environments. While they can be used in their original form, they are often formulated into greases for specific applications in the chemical, electronic, military, nuclear, data processing and other industries that require high performance lubrication.

Solvay Specialty Polymers is a world class supplier of fluorinated fluids and the Fomblin® PFPE range seamlessly complements IMCD’s current lubricants portfolio. The decision to appoint IMCD as the EMEA distributor for the Fomblin® PFPE range was made to ensure that all customers continue to benefit from the highest level of technical assistance, market knowledge and service. Vincent Meunier, Solvay’s Channel Partners Manager EMEA Specialty Polymers, commented: “IMCD provides professional, specialist support and has demonstrated extensive expertise in the fields of lubrication for more than a decade. Their dedicated team of technical sales staff understands the customers, their processes and technologies. We are confident that this approach will help to increase customers’ overall satisfaction level with the purchase of our Fomblin® PFPE products.”