South African Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review: IMCD focuses on new marketing efforts in 2016

IMCD has adopted a completely new marketing focus for in-cosmetics Paris with the launch of a personal care technical video.

According to Marina Kaptein, who oversees corporate and marketing communications for IMCD, while the company’s marketing efforts for in-cosmetics 2015 had a premium focus, this year the company has chosen to promote its full basket of offerings for all market segments.

A solutions provider and ingredients supplier
The value of the company’s global laboratories is highlighted in the new film, which provides an instant connection for customers to the possibilities of working with IMCD. It was filmed in the company’s labs in Paris, France, and Milan, Italy, and is presented in a professional and modern format. It is available on YouTube and on the IMCD website, and will be used extensively by the company’s global sales force to market IMCD as a leading distributor offering first-class technical support to assist customers in new product development.

IMCD’s ability to provide customers with technical, high quality personal care products is another topic discussed in the video. ‘The film shows the depth of support we offer,’ says Kaptein. ‘It is based on the same format as IMCD’s technical film for its pharmaceutical division, which has been a major hit with suppliers and customers alike.’

Benchmarking for increased success
Dr Alen Guy, IMCD’s technical director for pharmaceuticals, says: ‘The technical film for our pharmaceutical division has become a tremendous advertising medium for IMCD. It’s been good for sales, showcases our skills and the people behind IMCD’s innovative ideas.’

It’s likely the personal care video will have as much success as the pharmaceutical video considering its slick format and silky voice over. IMCD also has plans to launch a comprehensive techincal film featuring all of its technical managers from the company’s personal care, pharmaceutical, food, coatings and detergents divisons. It will also touch on plastics and lubricants, showcasing the cross-fertilisation and IMCD’s expertise across all the aforementioned market segments.

The film is available on the Personal Care section of our website and on our YouTube channel