Technical workshop at IMCD Lubricants Laboratory

At the end of June 2018, the IMCD Lubricants Business Group held two technical workshops over the course of two days at our laboratory near Paris, France. A total of 12 IMCD European lubricants colleagues attended, with 6 per session to give everyone an equal opportunity to fully participate in the activities.

The objective of the technical sessions was to further strengthen the IMCD team members’ knowledge on the latest lubricant technical aspects. Both days were a balance of theoretical information and practical sessions.

On the first day, the main topics covered were the characteristics of the raw materials used for lubricants & grease production (such as the various base oils and additive components), as well as a review of the IMCD product offering. The team also did performance testing on products from IMCD’s portfolio, using the facilities available at the lab to assess the benefits of their use.

The second day focused mainly on metalworking fluids & grease formulations and application characteristics. The team experimented using their formulation skills to prepare various types of metal working fluids and greases using IMCD components and evaluate their behaviour in testing.

Our Lubricants team continually works to enhance their technical knowledge and improve the service they provide. Fully informed with the very latest in lubricant technology and developments, they look forward to further supporting our valued customers. Would you like to consult one of our technical experts? Then please get in touch!