Technical expertise

IMCD Personal Care is an international distributor of a comprehensive range of additives, actives, and functional and sensorial ingredients, suitable for any field of personal care. It’s designed to be flexible and lean, finding customised solutions in each country, while maintaining an international technical overview.

Our scientists analyse market trends and proactively offer you new ideas and improved solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of ingredients and formulative experience ensure we have a good understanding of your needs. This gives you a value-added service that builds on our expertise, insight and innovation.

Through our Application Laboratory, we develop new ingredients and cosmetic applications, as well as provide problem solving services, formulation guidelines and production of sample prototypes for customer direct experience. IMCD Personal Care also organises Academy Sessions, where laboratory studies are presented both to the IMCD team and customers. Academy experience enables our teams to continually stay abreast of the latest market developments and trends, while sharing innovative studies on new ingredients with you.