Technical expertise

The IMCD Pharma network consists of 60 people in over 20 countries, including pharmacists and chemists with significant formulation experience and distinguished careers at GSK, Boots and Pfizer. We’ve partnered with world-leading suppliers of excipients to help deliver a quality service covering regulatory and quality matters, excipient performance and functionality – so you always get the right excipient for your needs. Our team of scientists and technical sales specialists regularly undergo training in the latest excipients and process technology. This allows them to understand your requirements, the equipment you use and how to use our suppliers’ excipients to the optimum level. We provide a technical service, right up to complete formulation development, so that you can bring your ideas and products to market quickly and robustly. And in partnership with our suppliers, we can also offer extensive educational, workshop and seminar opportunities to your R&D groups at our locations or in your own laboratory and operating areas. In essence, we’ll work with you to meet your technical requirements and stay alongside you as you develop your capabilities and product pipeline.