Technical expertise & laboratory services

To support its role as a leading speciality chemicals and food ingredients distributor, IMCD operates over 45 laboratories in over 20 countries. IMCD’s focused laboratory technical teams build, maintain and expand relationships with both suppliers and customers, creating growth opportunities and delivering value.

The primary function of IMCD's laboratories includes the following:

Technical training of IMCD employees
Workshops and training sessions are held within the facilities for the IMCD sales force, ensuring they stay abreast of market trends and developments and fully understand the functionality and characteristics of the products within the portfolio. This enables them to better understand issues that customers may face.

New product analysis and development to provide formulatory advice to customers
IMCD works in close collaboration with its customers’ research and development departments, carrying out competitive matching, sharing new application opportunities and assisting them in formulating the most effective and innovative products.

Customer seminars to promote new market trends and products from within the IMCD porfolio
IMCD organises workshops and seminars for its customers, either to introduce a new product to them, investigate a new trend in the market or to look into material alternatives for their production processes. Customers are given access to IMCD’s laboratories to enable them to test product performance, run stability and application tests and experience the finished product with the support of IMCD’s scientists and technical managers.

Supplier workshops to support product and application development
Within the IMCD laboratories, suppliers are able to gain an understanding as to how their products interact and function (in combination with other products from within the IMCD portfolio) as part of a finished formulation. With this understanding and market trend awareness, IMCD is able to assist the supplier to develop new product concepts for the future.

Technical expertise and sustainable innovation
With over 45 laboratories around the world and a continuous investment in high-end technical capabilities IMCD strives to ensure operational excellence and added value for both its business partners and the society as a whole. It is IMCD's policy to analyse current market trends and proactively offer innovative solutions for the constantly developing and demanding markets in which it operates. In doing so, IMCD is committed to supporting a comprehensive representation of sustainable, bio-based and renewable products in its overall product portfolio offering. Using its technical expertise and laboratory services IMCD is able to offer sustainable formulation and application solutions to its customers that minimise environmental and social impact, without sacrificing product performance. 

Below an overview of IMCD laboratories across the regions where we operate:

Coatings & Construction
• Cologne, Germany
• Malmö, Sweden
• Mumbai, India
• Grasse, France
• Diadema, Brasil
• Johannesburg, South Africa
• King of Prussia, US
• Tangerang, Indonesia
• Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
• Milan, Italy
• Istanbul, Turkey
• Dehli, India

Personal Care
• Milan, Italy
• Shah Alam, Malaysia
• Johannesburg, South Africa
• Paris, France
• Sydney, Australia
• Jakarta, Indonesia
• Makati City, Philippines
• São Paulo, Brazil
• Miami, US
• Brampton, Ontario, Canada
• La Mirada, California, US

Food and Nutrition
• Mechelen, Belgium
• Malmö, Sweden
• Istanbul, Turkey
• Sydney, Australia
• Diadema, Brasil
• Milton Keynes, UK
• Makati City, Philippines
• Jakarta, Indonesia
• Johannesburg, South Africa
• Mumbai, India
• Shanghai, China
• Warsaw, Poland
• Brampton, Ontario, Canada
• Paris, France
• Barcelona, Spain
• Hürth, Germany

• Cologne, Germany
• New Jersey, United States
• Mumbai, India
• South East Asia
• Shanghai, China

Home Care and I&I
• Cologne, Germany

Lubricants & Fuels
• Paris, France
• Melbourne, Australia