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As part of IMCD Nordic, IMCD Baltics is a leading speciality chemical and food additives distributor in the region. 
About IMCD Lithuania

Our specialist technical sales teams ensure our partners benefit from an in-depth knowledge of products and applications, as well as from an international network coupled with a strong local presence and understanding. IMCD Nordic has an impressive track record of growth; more than doubling the business over the last decade, facilitated by strong local lab resources, excellent market penetration and long-term principal partnerships.

IMCD Baltics has been present in the Baltic region for more than 10 years, developing a strong position in specialties in the three Baltic countries.

In addition, the Food & Nutrition and Coatings laboratories located in Malmö, Sweden, complement and assist the technical sales force whilst developing new formulations, testing raw materials/ingredients and providing in-depth product training.

IMCD Nordic includes the following subsidiaries: IMCD Sweden AB, IMCD Finland Oy, IMCD Denmark A/S, IMCD Norway AS and IMCD Baltics UAB. It has offices in Malmö (Sweden), Espoo (Finland), Elsinore (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

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Sami Valkama

Managing Director

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IMCD Baltics UAB
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